Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Male Dominance

I wrote an earlier review about the movie, Shame.  Vice and I were discussing the movie again about the night of debauchery Brandon (played by Michael Fassbender) goes through towards the end of the movie.  The night is told through a series of flashbacks.  The first act of the night is cramming his fingers up the skirt and cunt of a girl at a bar.  Nothing I do here can do the scene justice, but the penultimate act is him sticking the pussy soaked fingers under the nose of the girl's boyfriend.  Extremely dominant male act and for me the most arousing scene in the movie.  The boyfriend concludes the scene by beating Brandon up -- lacking sexual dominance the boyfriend opts for physical dominance.

Yet for the male, physical dominance is sexual dominance, i.e. sports.  I daresay that men's sports/fan obsessions are attempts at obtaining, even vicariously some sort of dominance, but I digress.

Nowhere does male dominance in sexuality show up more than in the Kinsey-ian bisexual spectrum.  Vice informed me in our discussions that she saw me as a 3 on the scale of 1 to 10 in regards to same sex attraction.  In my raging hormonal youth I would have told you that I was more a -5, but I listened, partly because of our fantasy life and partly because I'm a little bit wiser.  My predominant sexual leaning is heterosexual.  My primary secondary characteristic is dominance.  If I can feel dominant, I get turned on, regardless.  Male homophobia is more based on fear of losing dominant male sexual status than a repulsion towards homosexuality itself.

After the physical beating in Shame, Brandon seems to need to reassert his dominance sexually and does it by going into a gay sex club and make a guy he has followed give him head.  The act was about exerting his sexual power over a male.  Still not enough, he proceeds to a threesome with two women, another sexually dominant act (I'm so sexual, I need two women).  All this, in part, felt like an attempt to regain the feeling of dominance lost in the beating.

I've written before about dominance in terms of cuckolding.  This morning I was reading a blog on paying for sex and the money is yet another form of male dominance, yet the money itself is a proxy for true dominance and it removes the ability to discern whether it was the green or the sexual power.  Paid sex thus provides only a fragile facade of dominance.

We ought to have a Kinsey-ian scale for dominance and submission.  I'd put myself somewhere around an 8 or 9 on the dominance scale, meaning I'm slightly more dominant than I am straight.  So you can all just suck me.

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